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Over the past two decades IAS Corp has developed a strong expertise in adhesive solutions, from designing and developing custom machines for application and non-contact measurement, to quality control and assurance devices and inspection equipment, to heat stress and pull-force testers, we know this industry and the challenges. This machine can assemble over 1,000 parts an hour for a great ROI.

The Glu-Burt Machine In Use:

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Our customers quickly receive a high ROI with our solutions just on reducing adhesive usage so their machines are applying the right amount at the right temperatures, every time. For example, we designed a system for a Black Bros. roll coater that uses sensors to track usage and monitor temperatures to ensure the proper substrate bonding. The end result is the customer uses less adhesive while still maintaining superior bonding strength.

Adhesive SolutionsFor other projects we have designed and developed non-contact measurement solutions, such as the Envelope Quality Station that analyzes and tests envelopes to verify the correct amount of adhesive is on the envelope flap, and that the adhesive bond is correct. The system is a very affordable alternative to potential fines from the Merlin system used by the US Postal Service.

We have also designed and built custom measure and analysis machines for National Adhesives / National Starch and Chemical. Our Sigma Six Solution is a water-based coat weight detection system that collects data for technical analysis while generating important in-process feedback. It collects data from up to 24 inputs to determine adhesive coat weight and usage, including non-contact sensors with auto-calibration to allow for temperature changes.

Sigma Six Solution

Another great adhesive solution developed by IAS Corp is the Strong Bond Created with Adhesive Strength Tester. Our Adhesive Strength Tester is a compact desktop instrument used for bond testing in the adhesive industry. Measuring the amount of force required to separate two pieces of substrate, this system features custom software that displays all test information and provides spreadsheet or graph output files. Optional LCD is available for standalone use. CLICK HERE for more information on the Tack-N-Bond Portable Pull Force Assessment System.

These are just a few examples. Contact us today to learn more about all our solutions, and our famous "Glu-Burt" stick fan assembly machine.