IAS Corp Builds Truly Custom Machines to Meet Production Needs

When is a machine really a custom creation, rather than a modification of something that already exists? When it is designed and built from the ground up to solve a specific problem.

That’s what the team at Industrial Automation Specialists (IAS) does better than virtually anyone else in the custom machine and manufacturing industry. From concept through complete production, IAS works with production managers, engineers and business owners to identify the core, or root, need. Once they we have a full understanding of the problem and ideal solution, our design team composed of seasoned engineers, technicians and fabricators from a variety of disciplines gets to work.

converting a planer into a cnc controlled milling machineWe bring a vast amount of experience to every project and our collaborative, team approach ensures we have a variety of viewpoints, which often leads us in directions no one imagined. For example, in reviewing the needs for one client, the team determined that an existing large planer already owned by the customer could be converted into a state-of-the-art CNC boring and milling machine with custom controls and software to create steam boilers and tubes.

The end result is a tool that previously sat idle has been converted to a new solution put into daily use.

Another client’s needs were fairly complex, but after our design sessions we determined we could build a single machine that accomplished multiple tasks. The Glu-Burt machine is a custom manufacturing tool that assembles hand fans, replacing a formerly manual process that was very labor intensive. As a result, the IAS developed and built solution saves significant labor costs and increases overall quality and consistency.

That’s our specialty – taking manual processes our outdated line equipment and creating an automated, creative solution that improves productivity, eliminates bottlenecks and ultimately has a positive impact to the bottom line.Large custom machine for Northrop Grumman that services carrier catapult launch systems. Designed and built by IAS Corp in Hampton

Bottom line impact is exactly what US Navy and defense contractor Northrop Grumman needed when IAS got involved in solving a very manually intensive process used in servicing aircraft carrier catapult launch systems. IAS designed, engineered and programmed a custom heavy tool that saved hundreds of man-hours and more than $600,000 per refit since starting use in 2003. In 2010 we are upgrading the tool with new controls that utilize advances in machining technology to make the process even easier and more accurate – important when multi-million dollar jets are launching off an aircraft carrier.

If you’re facing a production, manufacturing or assembly challenge, let Industrial Automation Specialists help you develop a solution – from small machines that assemble fans, to large heavy equipment suitable for aircraft carriers, we have the knowledge and proven experience required to create the exact right solution.