ZirconLITH Dental Ceramic 3D Printer at Dubai AEEDC 2018 Dental Conference

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February 6, 2018- IAS Corp releases the ZirconLITH™ Dental 3D Ceramic Printer at the UAE/Dubai 2018 Dental Conference (AEEDC), In collaboration with Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group and Dr. Abdulaziz Al Alajai Dental Poly Clinics of Saudi Arabia. “The … Continue reading

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Worlds First Fully Automated Railroad Turnout Process

In 2013, a leading Virginia robotics integration firm, IAS Corp. has reportedly developed the first fully automated railroad turnout processing system in the world. This process revolutionizes an industry that dates back over 230 years.  As this correspondent has discovered, these spurs that allow trains to move off the mainline are traditionally hand produced by laying them out on pads using manual labor and has been since the inception of the age of railroading. Continue reading

IAS Corp Develops Laser Etching Solution for STIHL Production Line

When STIHL Power Tools needed an improvement to the company’s production line they turned to Industrial Automation Specialists (IAS Corp) in Hampton. STIHL’s Virginia Beach manufacturing plant had used IAS Corp in the past for automation solutions and selected the firm again to develop a new solution for the blower production line. Laser etching compared to dot matrixThe IAS Corp team brought their specialized expertise to the project, installing electrical components, the laser marker, sensors, pneumatics and wiring. IAS also performed initial testing, before delivering the completed machine to STIHL for integration into the manufacturing line. Continue reading

IAS Corp Now Members of SIDirect Integrators Program

Industrial Automation Specialists (IAS Corp) has been named to the AutomationDirect SIDirect Integrators Program representing Virginia in the mid-Atlantic region. AutomationDirect is an industry leader in developing industrial automation controls and IAS Corp. is an authorized integrator of AutomationDirect’s systems. The SIDirect program promotes the training of system integrators like IAS Corp. on AutomationDirect products and assists them in acquiring the necessary tools to effectively and efficiently design, program, and install AutomationDirect core products such as PLCs, HMIs, AC Drives and Servos. IAS Corp. is the only Virginia company that is an SIDirect program participant. Continue reading

What We Can Learn from Mag Lite

A recent article on company behind the popular Maglite flashlight, Mag Instruments, and it’s founder outlined some of the challenges companies face when trying to be competitive (read the article, here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38025260/ns/business-us_business/) The story is a classic “pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps” tale of American entrepreneurship. And while it is a warm tale, it also highlights the challenges of being in manufacturing when it seems everything can be made cheaper and faster in China. Continue reading

IAS Developing New Industrial Adhesive Testing Machine

Industrial Automation Specialists Corporation (IAS Corp.) is developing a new line of equipment that will significantly reduce turnaround time and testing in the adhesives industry.  This line is called Novalec and represents technological advancements over previous equipment used by this industry. Novalec  has been selected by a large international chemical company to handle glue application and testing in the same machine. Continue reading

Automation Company Develops Controls for Wind Tunnel Testing

In the world of aerospace wind tunnel testing precise feedback is crucial. A new control system from Hampton-based Industrial Automation Specialists Corporation (IAS Corp) addresses this issue, and more. Continue reading

IAS Corp Builds Truly Custom Machines to Meet Production Needs

When is a machine really a custom creation, rather than a modification of something that already exists? When it is designed and built from the ground up to solve a specific problem. Continue reading

Glu-Burt Stick Fan Assembly Machine Now Available

Our Glu-Burt stick fan assembly machine is now available for purchase. This is a custom designed and developed machine for assembling hand-held “stick fans” used in promotional and marketing programs, sporting events, fundraisers, races, political events and more. Continue reading

Questions to ask your Adhesive Project Manager

If there’s one sticking point for companies using adhesives as part of their production line, it’s finding the right balance between enough adhesive to meet the need, and avoiding waste. Common examples include applying just the right adhesive to envelopes, labels and hot-melt applications. Here are a few questions to ask those involved in your adhesive process to make sure you’re finding that balance every time. Continue reading