Glu-Burt Stick Fan Assembly Machine Now Available

Our Glu-Burt stick fan assembly machine is now available for purchase. This is a custom designed and developed machine for assembling hand-held “stick fans” used in promotional and marketing programs, sporting events, fundraisers, races, political events and more.

The Glu-Burt machine is fully tested and is in daily production use with IAS Corp. customers. The automated process can apply glue to the sticks, place the stick on the fan (multiple shape variations possible), apply pressure and neatly stack so there is no glue transfer between fans. Other than initial loading and resupplying, the Glu-Burt machine requires no additional manual intervention and can process up to 1,400 fans per hour. A video of the Glu-Burt machine in action is below.

Sometimes referred to as “popsicle stick fans”, the finished product is perfect for marketing agencies, promotional companies, sporting and cultural event managers and even schools and universities. It’s a fun and easy way to showcase a message, and the Glu-Burt machine significantly reduces outsourcing and production costs.