A certified woman-owned manufacturing and automation solution provider, IAS Corp. builds custom machines, integrates custom controls, automates repetitive processes, and transforms old, outdated equipment into reliable, easy to operate, state of the art machines.About IAS Corp in Hampton and Houston.

In 1992 Owner Kathy Burton and Vice President Operations Preston Burton started IAS out of a small rented office space in Newport News, VA. Since then we have built a reputation for accomplishing the impossible. “There is always a way.” Today IAS Corp. operates out of a 15,000 square foot facility in the NASA/Langley Research and Development Park in Hampton, VA and fully equipped machine shops in Chester, Virginia, and Houston and Humble, Texas. We have built custom machines, automation systems, and quality control equipment that continue to be in use world-wide.

Our capabilities continually prove to increase production, reduce waste, improve efficiencies, reduce injuries, and save time and money for our clients. We offer services that offer you a return on your investment (ROI) time and time again. A few areas of special expertise include:

  • Custom Machines – IAS Corp. machines are custom fitted to your exact need. When Northrup Grumman needed assistance designing a machine for use on US Navy carriers, they came to us. Today the Multi Function Tool saves hundreds of thousands of dollars, reduces injury, and has the prototype still in use today.
  • Custom Controls – Many time the best solutions are already on the floor of your facility (or maybe someone else’s). Old outdated machines, can often be made new again with retrofitted and custom controls, and IAS Corp. has the engineers, technicians, and in house resources to make an old machine new again – even with limited or no schematics.
  • Adhesive Solutions – National Adhesives and others have come to rely on IAS Corp to create a solution that will reduce waste, save money, and meet exacting standards. Our projects for this industry have been used to monitor adhesive use, measure strength, and apply the glues with precision.
  • Development Group – When project managers, project engineers and even other industrial supply companies need extra help in an area or for part of a project, they turn to us. Often our expertise can make the difference between a project that is 80% complete and one that is 100% complete and running smoothly.

Whether you have a small part that needs viability testing or an entire facility you need to operate more efficiently… IAS Corp. works for you.

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