ZirconLITH Dental Ceramic 3D Printer at Dubai AEEDC 2018 Dental Conference

zirconlith dental printer

February 6, 2018- IAS Corp releases the ZirconLITH™ Dental 3D Ceramic Printer at the UAE/Dubai 2018 Dental Conference (AEEDC), In collaboration with Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group and Dr. Abdulaziz Al Alajai Dental Poly Clinics of Saudi Arabia.

“The ZirconLITH™ project represents a truly unique opportunity between the USA and Saudi Arabia to bring about a revolutionary technology that will impact not only dental, but many other medical and scientific markets”, says Preston Burton, Vice President of Operations for IAS Corp.

The ZirconLITH Dental features advanced technology that allows handling high percentage loading of light reactive polymers with particles such as Zirconium and Lithium Disilicate. The 3D parts produced can then be further processed using furnaces to create very hard, durable units. A new version (V2.1) is being developed that will further increase the percentage yield of the parts as well as provide a means to track individual units throughout the fabrication process (dental device tracking).

IAS Corp is a 26 year research and development firm specializing in medical and scientific automated machinery and equipment with headquarters in Hampton, Virginia.

For more information on the ZirconLITH:  www.zirconlith.com

For more information on IAS Corp:  www.iascorp.net