Questions to ask your Adhesive Project Manager

If there’s one sticking point for companies using adhesives as part of their production line, it’s finding the right balance between enough adhesive to meet the need, and avoiding waste. Common examples include applying just the right adhesive to envelopes, labels and hot-melt applications. Here are a few questions to ask those involved in your adhesive process to make sure you’re finding that balance every time.

  • Are we measuring the amount of adhesive that goes onto every product, or providing random spot-checks?
  • How effective are our measurements, and are we measuring in multiple places?
  • Are we automatically optically scanning the adhesive application to ensure it’s in the right place, every time, and able to make automatic adjustments if it’s not?
  • If we are using optical and non-contact sensors, does our production line allow for automatic adjustments, or do we take time to manually change our settings and controls?
  • Once the adhesive is applied, are we effectively testing the pull-strength?
    How are we measuring and recording the pull-apart strength and integrating the results back into our production line quickly?
  • What information can we show our customers regarding our ongoing testing, analysis and quality control?

The answers to these questions can go a long way to gaining a better understanding of your adhesive usage and application, and the opportunities for increased efficiencies. We’ve found that even small adjustments to the quantity of adhesive used during the production process can have significant cost reductions to overhead.

If you are unable to answer these questions, it may be time to add monitoring, controls and QA equipment to capture missed savings and potentially increase quality and reliability for your customers.

An industrial automation company with a background and expertise in adhesives, non-contact measurement and automated controls can help you by designing and developing custom equipment for your unique needs. The initial investment will be recouped many times over with increased efficiency and cost savings. Contact Us today to discuss your Adhesive Solution.